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Besides being a furry artist, I'm a web developper. Here you can find a list of websites I've developped so far since more than 10 years, with a bunch of my best artworks.

VRD Productions

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Founded in 2006 with two of my friends, VRD Productions was making silly French audio fictions such as "Luigi au pays de DOOM", a cross-over adventure featuring Luigi as hero, fighting the hell demons of DOOM to save his brother, Mario.


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AnthroMiners is a French Minecraft team that I founded in 2012 with two friends. We are specialized in reproductions of famous places (real and fictional ones), such as the Neverland Valley Ranch or Alcatraz Island.

Discord server

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Join my silly community! Be informed of my next projects before anyone else, discuss of a lot of things, discover/share art and meet other artists!


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I use Twitter to share my art and also show you my sketches.


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Free Sketches

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Register to have a chance to win a free sketch of the character of your choice! Each week, a winner is randomly selected, do you feel lucky?

by other artists

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A own made gallery where you can find all kind of art of my characters made by a lot of different artists, since 2010.

Fetish art

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A own made gallery where you can find all fetish drawings (muscle and foot growth) I've been drawing since 2008. A lot of these drawings haven't been released elsewhere!

Interactive commissions guide

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You want to commission me, but you're not sure if you can afford it? Use this interactive commissions prices guide! Select render, options and background and get an approximated price in real-time.